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Eclectic Retro Chairs: boost your home decor on a budget

One great thing with retro chairs, is that you can have a lot of them at home. Even “a lot”, won’t be too much – unless you’re an antique dealer or a retro chairs freak. Actually you don’t need to own complete series: an heterogeneous collection of retro chairs works best.

Having a mix of retro chairs is by far more visually appealing than having two sets of six retro chairs each, which make your home look like any other place – understand here “very nice but… boring”.

Eclectic retro chairs: a design element per se

A collection of eclectic retro chairs are a design element per se. This means that they can individually be used as a decorative object, since they embody the architectural and design spirit of an era.

Also, since they have this particularity of being able to co-exist in a single space, it would be a pity not to take advantage of this. Just try for instance to picture a room with a Louis XV arm-chair, a set of two Wire Chair by Bertoia, a LC-4 lounge chair by Le Corbusier and two wooden Thonet chairs from 1890… beautiful isn’t it?

So if you’re planning to get rid-off your old set of retro chairs, should they be in your kitchen or in your living room, don’t rush to buy another set. Instead try and resist this urge, and give your home a new and more eclectic flavor by showcasing a mix of retro chairs.

How to collect eclectic retro chairs

Gathering enough retro chairs to decorate your home can be relatively quickly and easily achieved (not to mention cheaply) by showing up a few times at your nearby flea market, paying a visit to some antique dealers or an auction house, or just by spending a few hours on eBay…

Alternatively, you can try your luck on VintageLab, an online store that exclusively focuses on mid century modern interior design. This website features a broad variety of eclectic retro chairs from iconic designers like Eames, Saarinen, Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, George Nelson and likes.

Vintagelab sells a selection of ecclectic retro chairs, for all budgets

Vintagelab sells a selection of ecclectic retro chairs, for all budgets

What is pretty cool about VintageLab, is that they exclusively operates with eBay. This means that what you see today might not be here tomorrow, as each listing has a maximum 30-days duration. A true ephemeral collection!

Have a look at the gallery below and discover which style fits you best: an eclectic retro chair set, or a more formal/traditional combination. Both will work, depending on what your taste is. It’s just that simple.




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